How does TVGuardian work?  (Click here to see examples of TVG in action!)
TVGuardian uses a patented process invented by our founder to detect profanity and other offensive phrases, mute the audio and modify the broadcast closed-captioned signal. The process consists of monitoring the closed-captioned signal and checking each captioned word against a dictionary of foul words stored in TVGuardian. If an inappropriate word or phrase is detected, the audio is muted, the offensive word is removed from the closed-captioned signal, and a suitable word is substituted, when appropriate.

Does my TV need a closed-caption decoder for TVG
uardian to work?
No. It doesn't matter what kind of TV you have or how old it is. TVGuardian has everything that it needs to filter out the foul language.

Is the closed-captioning displayed all the time?
Only if you want it to be. TVGuardian has three closed-captioned settings. The normal setting will display modified, profanity-free closed-captioning only during the mute of offensive phrases. You can also set TVGuardian to not display any closed-captioning, or it can be set to display profanity-free closed-captioning during the entire program.

How do I connect TVGuardian?
TVGuardian easily connects between your VCR, Cable Box or Satellite Receiver and your TV. If you can connect a VCR to your TV, then you can connect TVGuardian. Normally, the cable, antenna, cable box or satellite receiver is connected to your VCR, your VCR is connected to TVGuardian and TVGuardian is connected to your TV. When you're watching television, you will need to watch it through your VCR.

What inputs and outputs are available?
TVGuardian has hi-fi audio and video RCA type inputs and outputs.

Does TVGuardian work with all TV Shows and Videos?
TVGuardian works with virtually all TV shows and videos. Some older programs do not have the required closed-captioning, but those will soon change. The FCC is requiring 95% of all programs shown to be closed-captioned by 2002. TVGuardian will not work with live programs, such as news, sporting events and talk shows.

Does TVGuardian work with TV/VCR Combo units?
No, it does not. TVGuardian must be able to intercept the programs and edit out the foul language before it reaches the TV. This is not possible with the TV/VCR Combo units.

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